Enjoying nature 

Letchworth State Park

I love to travel and thankfully with my job, I am able to travel to some remote areas of the country. When I do get out of the office, I am always trying to make good use of the time that I have. A few months ago, I visited Letchworth State Park in Mt. Morris, NY after a customer meeting. I had no idea how beautiful the park would be. From the very old trees that were planted as early as 1908 to the waterfalls and the 140 year old railroad trestle that stands 240 feet high in the air.

This park is grand and filled with so much history. The park is so big, it has four entrances that are in different cities: Mount Morris, Perry, Castile and Portageville. My favorite part of the Park was the three major waterfalls: the Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls which were breathtakingly beautiful. It was my lucky that the weather was simply magical, complete with rainbows everywhere.

Finally, the active iron railroad trestle right above the Upper falls was beautiful. I was again lucky to witness a passing double-stack intermodal train on the trestle.

Regardless of how my day was going, when I arrived at that Park, I can say that nothing mattered. I forgot about EVERYTHING. I was so taken by the beauty that surrounded me. The trees, the river, the waterfall, the birds, the rainbows, the peace and stillness of nature. I simply had to slow down and observe all of that beauty.