The Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake Bay

Kiptopeke State Park

It was December 3rd in Virginia and the weather was still unbelievably reasonable, enough that it was a perfect day to explore all the trails at Kiptopeke State Park on the Eastern Shore. 

First I must how beautiful this Park is, I had no idea this gem was just a short scenic drive from Norfolk. My favorite thing about this Park is all the beautiful views of the Bay off the trails. Additionally, the beautiful boardwalk leading to the beach. The water is clean and clear, I can’t say the same for the water in VA Beach although VA Beach isn’t that bad.

Exploring the trails was easy and at the end of each trail was a beautiful view that forced me to reflect. Not thinking deep or anything, just feeling a sense of gratitude while enjoying the stillness of of it all. I must admit it was a slight bit creepy that there were probably less than ten people in the Park that day, but a crew of three was large enough take on the world, if need be.

When the view is this beautiful, I feel compelled to capture a short video like this one so I remember how calm the day was.

The adventure of the day didn’t end here. After a wonderful two hours in the Park, my girls and I drove further to the Oyster Farm in Cape Charles for a late lunch. After that delicious lunch, we drove to Chatham Vineyards in Machipongo for some wine, which is another fifteen minutes from Cape Charles. The girls and I enjoyed a bottle by the fire to celebrate a perfect and adventurous day on the Eastern Shore.

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