Cabin life is better enjoyed with friends!

I am nostalgic about some of my days in Virginia. 2016 was a wonderful year filled with adventures like this one. I will always cherish those memories. The view above spoke to me then and it still speaks to me now. I could lose myself in thought here.

The Tye runs into the James River here and I think it’s really cool. Such a beautiful scene. Even though the day was overcast, it was still a beautiful day. I’m pretty sure it’s a serene sight in the summer and fall.

My next favorite picture from this trip. Simply gorgeous!

A quick detour to downtown Richmond to get a bit closer to the James.

A wonderful adventure spent with friends. Just as I was getting well acquainted with my friends, I had to pack again. My friend Michelle who made this trip possible is quite the explorer and I am already missing her and all the awesome adventures we could be on… Well, what can one do? Life goes on…