A Scenic Stroll at Bluff Point State Park

After many days filled with rain and grey clouds, the sky permitted the sun to make an appearance for the afternoon as if the sun had been on probation. One could easily assume so, considering the number of consecutive gloomy days I’ve lived in the past week.  Since relocating to Connecticut, this is my first adventure to explore and observe the beauty of Connecticut. I must admit this adventure was a last minute change to an elaborated plan which turned out nicely.

The weekend started with this beautiful rainbow in New Haven on Friday evening after two days of rain. The sun briefly made an appearance solely for the purpose of delivering this magical band of colors (at least in my opinion). Although I was in a hurry to load my Ikea goods in the car so I could rush over to Union Station, I simply could not help but to stop and enjoy the view. I do not experience the sight of rainbows often; therefore, I relish in the opportunity to enjoy that magnificent multicolored arc.


I was truly in need of some outdoor therapy and Bluff Point Park reliably provided me great therapy for a couple of hours. This park is the last remaining piece of undeveloped land along the Connecticut coastline. It is absolutely beautiful! I read some reviews on Google prior to deciding to explore it and the reviewers were right. The weather was precisely a cool 64 degrees, perfect temperature for a stroll. I chose the path most traveled (for safety of course), but which one?


The path most traveled was the one to the right.


“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”
Paulo Coelho

I’ve always known, as you do too, to not compare yourself… but somehow we always do. In one way or another, we have compared ourselves to someone. Or we’ve compared our circumstances with other’s. The aforementioned quote reiterates the same message we’ve heard continuously from family and friends, do not compare…don’t even try. Just concentrate on yourself.






I enjoyed the trail immensely. Each time I glanced at the Long Island Sound, I reminisce on my day at Kiptopeke State Park The Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake Bay which had some amazing views of Chesapeake Bay. I am really happy I was able to enjoy such a fantastic day.