The Appalachian Trail – Kent, Connecticut 

A beautiful Saturday in the woods well spent with friends. It was Saturday June 10th, a beautiful sunny day set for perfect hiking temperature in Kent, CT at Pond Mountain Natural Area. The day started early at about 7:15am where I met one of my girlfriends. The drive from Hartford is about an hour and 15 minutes to Kent, CT. The drive was scenic and green with fully bloomed trees. As a transplant to Connecticut, I am falling in love with all of the beautiful parks and trails that are in abundance in such a small state. I just need to keep getting out there to enjoy them.

This trail begins on Macedonia Rd. I won’t lie, my mind went through quite the  exercise as I attempted to convince myself that all of the wild creatures of the forest won’t be a huge issue as long as I don’t bother them. As we made our way on the trail, we met this little fella, I’m so glad we noticed it because it could have easily been stepped on. As we hiked through this Natural Area, we observed and enjoyed the quiet and stillness of nature. The sound of water, chipmunks ruffling through dry leaves and birds chirping is very relaxing.I must say this hike was challenging but much appreciated. My body needed it! Finally the view at 1160ft elevation was worthy of this body-aching-hike. After this awesome hike, all I could think about was food. Delicious food. Nothing specific. Just good food. We ended at Kingsley Tavern, a lovely pub with a great atmosphere. I loved the fresh flowers on the tables and the cool art pieces that covered the walls. The menu choices are pretty diverse. You’ll find tacos, Vietnamese Pho, Cuban sandwich and some southern comfort choices like chicken & waffle and shrimp & grits. It was four of us: two ordered the fish tacos, one ordered the chicken & waffles and I ordered the corn beef hash. We were very pleased with the food. It was a great day in Kent. As we returned home, we stopped in the town of Bantam for ice cream at Arethusa Farm Dairy. It was the best ice cream. If Bantam wasn’t so far from me, I’d go to Arethusa every weekend for a cone. Another lovely day in Connecticut.