Paris ⏩ London – Part II (c. 9-2015)

2015-09-09 13.01.02Another mega-post…get ready!

Her Majesty, the Queen, requested an audience with me so I boarded the fastest Euro-Star train from Paris to London to appear at court. LOL…lame!

Arriving London was not so much a culture shock but a nice “ah-hah” moment for me. Haitian gals like myself jet-set across the globe frequently but for me, it was a Drake moment: “started from the bottom, now I’m here”… LOL. The thought brought a smile to my slightly tired and excited mind. Anytime you quickly reflect on your journey and realize how far you’ve come, I see it as a sign of gratitude. I am always cognizant of God’s blessings and grace in my life, even in the midst of me complaining and moaning about the smallest things.

I was happy and excited to explore London with my sister and close friend CC.

Again, Airbnb came through with a super small apartment by Hyde Park. While the apartment was tiny, the three of us made it work for four days. The apartment was equipped with a hot plate, microwave and small refrigerator. Bathroom was nice with heated towel holder. The space wasn’t too bothersome since we spent majority of or time out. We did cook some meals to save our $$$ for fun things. It was good. Traveling on a budget requires sacrifice, so it worked out.

Remember I mentioned I was lodging near Hyde Park? Well, that was the first place I went to. We walked though the park and explored Kensington Gardens, and eventually ended at Kensington Palace. We also saw The Albert Memorial but somehow missed Diana’s Memorial Playground on the other end. The Round Pond was nice with some geese enjoying a swim. It was a beautiful walk through a beautiful park. It reminded me a bit of Central Park.

While in London, I spent less on sites than I did in Paris. There was so much to see and so much walking….

I must say when I arrived at Buckingham Palace, I realized I wasn’t as special as I thought. Apparently, a thick crowd also showed up for tea as well. Therefore, I did not have an opportunity to speak with the Queen “one-on-one”. If it wasn’t for all of those people, I’m sure I would’ve had my audience with the Queen. #alternativetruths 😂

After exploring through Hyde Park’s hidden gems, we reached Buckingham Palace. It was really cool to see in person. It was hard to capture it photographically due to the large crowds but it was a great memory.

One thing I didn’t like about London was the frequent stinky horse piss in certain areas.

You’d be walking and enjoying the view, and suddenly a wave of aged horse piss hits you straight in the face. UGH! My mouth was open…

Things we did and/or saw while in London:

  • Went to Her Majesty’s Theater and enjoyed Phantom of the Opera (amazing)
  • Explored SOHO
  • Went St James Park and Palace
  • Went Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
  • Saw Big Ben
  • Saw Westminster Abbey
  • Walked the Westminster Bridge
  • Took a spin in the London Eye
  • Had fish & chips & local beer (fish lacked flavor)
  • Strolled through Selfridge’s department store
  • Strolled Harrod’s department store (I thought Macy’s at 34th street was big, this was a giant)
  • Experienced the subway/tube (It was an interesting experience)
  • And whatever else I’m forgetting.

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