Belize & Honduras

The vacation that wasn’t

Very recently, my family and I attempted a cruise on the Norwegian escape to the Caribbean. A couple of days into the cruise, we had to return back to the port in Miami because Irma was making its way to South Florida.  For as many times as I have been to Miami, I was never able to capture a beautiful picture of Miami as I have when I was a board the ship. This is also hands-down the best panoramic photo that I have ever taken… With the help of Google photos of course ha ha!

This photo is the true definition of the calm before the storm.

Miami, pre-Irma 2017

The first port of call was Roátan, Honduras.  It was a perfect day to explore this island and I understand the culture of the Honduran people. Given the short time that was allowed my family and I did enjoy a quick tour of the island and a taste of the beautifully cool and salty waters of Honduras. Photos like this one are what makes me nostalgic about growing up in the Caribbean with coconut trees, cool breezes, cool and salty clear Caribbean waters and wonderful cuisine.

Roátan, Honduras
The most beautiful day to capture a picture in Roátan Honduras

The next point that we got to visit quickly  before returning to Miami was Harvest Caye, Belize. This island was very hot with hot. As you can see in the photo, the clouds were really thick and it was extremely humid which made it even hotter than it should be.  Less than an hour into exploring the island, the wind picked up significantly and the sky opened on everyone on the beach. Everyone ran for cover. Rain poured heavily for at least 30 minutes.  I wondered, is this Irma? Shortly after that brief storm, the sky cleared up nicely and the rain left a cool bearable breeze. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we had left after the storm prior to embarking back on the ship.

Harvest Caye, Belize
Thick clouds, lush greenery and a typical Caribbean storm on the island of Harvest Caye

Well, well, well! Shortly after the cruise captain announced that we had to return to Miami before Irma makes landfall, these very thick grey clouds were interrupting this beautiful sunset.  That’s when I thought, uh-oh! Irma is approaching.

Somewhere in the Atlantic, Irma interrupt a sunset