The Thailand Series: The Food Scene


Thailand cuisine is my third favorite cuisine in this world, with Haitian cuisine being first and the second is a compilation of all things Caribbean and Latin. I love spice and flavor. In Thailand, street food is a thing… you can find just about anything. Literally, anything. If you fancy exotic fruits, smoothie, ice cream, Thai noodles, fried rice, a deep fried scorpion on a stick, ridiculously large fried fish, sweets of all kinds, and a deep fried bug, you’ll find it. I mean it… Anything! I’m not adventurous and daring enough to try the deep fried insects so I simply experience them from my camera lens.

Scorpion lollipop

Dining in Thailand is extremely affordable. Street food prices range between 1USD and 5USD, depending on location. Local restaurants prices range from 2.50USD to 15USD, again, depending on location. In fact, it’s possible that you can eat for less than a dollar.  There are high end restaurants with expensive selections but I’m sure the cost is mostly attributed to the experience rather than taste itself. Additionally, Thailand is very budget friendly for the financially conscious explorer. Therefore, navigating the vast flavors of Thailand whether on the streets or at a restaurant is painless; unless your stomach disagrees, then it’s painful.

While in Thailand, I tried several versions of the popular Thai menu staples like fried rice, just about everywhere I went to compare flavor and presentation; I must say it varied greatly but none came close to that of Thai of Sandy Springs. I tried authentic Thai dishes that I normally wouldn’t back home and I am so glad I did. For example, I had sticky ice for the first time. In addition to enjoying the food, I learned how to cook some of them as well at a local cooking school, which was one of my favorite experiences. I enjoyed and made spring rolls, soups, curry paste, Pad Thai, and sticky rice for desert. That was such a lovely day!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience during my trip. Thankfully, my stomach survived unscathed.


This red curry was spicy and delicious!
2nd Best Pad Thai
This was good too. Best value!
Best spring roll ever…of course because I made them.
Tom yum kung nam kon
Absolute BEST Pad Thai because I made it myself
Khao Soi soup…my fave and I made it myself.