Lodging around Thailand

Queen Sirikit Garden

Oh my! I am now realizing that I lodged at seven different places during my trip in Thailand. Although it may seem restless, it was fun! The most impressive thing is each of the guest houses were unique and memorable. Customer service was gold. The beds were not all comfortable. The smiles were abundant. The rooms were clean. And the mosquito coil got me all nostalgic about my childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these guest houses, and I would recommend them to anyone.Upon arriving Bangkok, Michelle and I checked into Tara Place, near the famous Khao San Road. I completely forgot to take photos of this hostel because I was too tired but I can say everything looks as portrayed on the website. The staff was friendly and helpful. The hostel is in a safe area and I felt safe during my stay.  The rooms were nice but the beds were not as plush as those of chain hotels. The bathroom was nice and clean. And the cost was beyond reasonable. Tara Place is a short walk to Khao San Road where you can eat, shop, and party.  There are many hostels on and around Khao San Road but they are not for the light sleeper. I would recommend Tara Place to anyone traveling to the area.

After the quick, one night stop in Bangkok, we took an overnight train to Chiang Mai where we lodged at Villa de Hun for a couple of days and nights. This hostel is very quaint and chic  within the old city. Inside Villa de Hun is Cafe de Hun which is very convenient for guests. The stay at this hostel included breakfast every morning which was very good. The staff here was truly awesome. The room was small, very nice and comfortable. I slept on the most comfortable bed here. The bathroom was also very nice and the shower was divine. Villa de Hun wins Best Bed & Best Shower Award! (if there was one…). I highly recommend this hostel.

After three amazing days in Chiang Mai, we flew to Surat Thani province to spend one night at Our Jungle House which is situated within a rainforest and two days, one night tour of Cheow Lan Lake within Khao Sok National Park. As my sisters said, I paid quite a bit to rough it up here…

The drive to Khao Sok town from the airport was very scenic and lush with trees. I had never seen rubber trees before and there were many rubber tree farms on the way. The abundant limestone mountain views were simply majestic.

The bungalow I stayed in was cliff side with lights that were bright enough to see your path, a somewhat comfortable bed with an awesome mosquito net, and free jungle concert all day and all night that was to guarantee a great jungle experience. The resort has a restaurant on site and the food was very good. I wasn’t there long enough to explore the town but it didn’t seem big at all.

IMG_5483 (1)

The following morning, we embarked on the road trip to Cheow Lan Lake where we roughed it up some more. The only time roughing it was fun! Cheow Lan Lake is simply beautiful! Simply divine! We stayed in a bamboo floating bungalow only equipped with a mattress and a single lamp socket that only lights up in the evening since the power source is a generator. It was just simple and just what you need to disconnect. There is no WiFi and the fact that we’re on a lake in a floating bungalow, we took great care of our devices. Imagine doing absolutely nothing on a beautiful lake with amazing views. All I kept thinking about was my life up to that moment. I might have reviewed just about every memory of my childhood while I was hypnotized by that wonderful lake. This was such a great experience, I think it was my favorite part of the trip. I would definitely go back to this lake.

Getting to the islands from Khao Sok was quite the road trip; it took a little over four hours by car to get close to the islands. Because the ferry schedule did not align with ours, we spent one night in Trang at Green House at Trang Guesthouse. Like Villa de Hun, Green House also has cafe inside but the selections here are over the top. We were welcomed with a cool beverage considering the sweltering temperature outside. The lobby is very cool and smells delicious with the pastries and coffee. The staff here are three sisters with different roles and they each play their role well. Our host, Dear, was such a lovely host and made us feel at home. There’s so much creativity among these sisters, it is admirable. Dear is the best ambassador for Trang town and I would stay at Green House again in a heartbeat.

Moving on to Charlie Beach Resort on Koh Mook island for some final R&R. I am so glad all of the hustle and sightseeing was done at the front end of the trip because I needed this island to mentally prepare myself for the eternal flight home. Thailand’s calm and turquoise water reminded me so much of Haiti. The beach bungalows were basic with a bed and mosquito net. I enjoyed sleeping and waking to the sound of ocean waves although I slept with earplugs. I liked and appreciated that this resort was right on the beach. While there are many lodging options on this island, this is one of the few that is actually on the beach. The sunsets here are majestic and glorious!  Go to Koh Mook!

Lastly, back to Bangkok for some last-minute fun and this time, we stayed at Fu House Hostel right in the city. This hostel is nice but modest; it is near everything and most importantly the BTS and MRT (Bangkok’s commuter rail systems). Location is perfect for shopping – whether at the luxurious malls or night markets, easy access to Lumpini Park via the train, Bangkok’s nightlife, and many great food options. This hostel was perfect for the end of the trip because it was easy to walk to the train station and ride hassle-free to the airport. Thailand was awesome and none of the words does the experience justice, I hope you get to enjoy it in the near future.