Exploring New England: MASS MoCA

Mass MoCA 
North Adams, MA

Before I get too far, let me say that everyone should visit Massachussetts’ Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) in North Adams, MA.  This is by far the best museum I have ever visited – thanks D for taking me :-). This museum is massive with some unique installations that will certainly impress you and stimulate your brain. I was completely unaware of this gem right here in New England and I am blown away to learn that Mass MoCA is the largest contemporary art museum in the US and the fourth largest art museum in the US. As a newcomer to New England, I am determined to explore the cool corners of the area.

A beckoning: We are not who we think we are – Rodney McMillian

Here’s a quick summary of the day:
1. Hartford to a midpoint stop for an early lunch at Williamsburg Snack Bar in Haydenville, MA for lobster rolls.
2. Continued the drive up the beautiful Berkshires with all the fresh snow to North Adams.
3. Arrived at the museum with four full hours to explore before closing.
4. Enjoyed a delicious dinner at PUBLIC eat+drink
5. On the drive back to Hartford, stopped at Northampton Brewery for a flight that I was not impressed with but all good.

What I truly think of MoCA is…it’s simply AMAZING! No other way to say it. The space within which the beautiful art is exhibited is breathtaking on its own. While I was able to explore most of the museum, there is still quite more left for me to explore on my next visit. For the most part, I truly appreciated Sol Lewitt’s brightly colored wall drawings and James Turrell’s Into the Light exhibitions because both artists used something as simple as color to affect you. I am now realizing color is not as simple as I’ve said – it’s actually so much more – color is complex, multi-dimensional, symbolic and way more than I can explain. James Terrell’s nine minutes of Perfectly Clear incited so many sensations like dizziness, fluidity, and movement at different moments, it can be overwhelming and amzing at the same time.

I loved that MoCA had a coffee shop/snack bar on site, as well as a restaurant and a brewery. While I did not get to experience any of those onsite amenities on this visit, I think it’s very convenient. My day exploring the Bershires was glorious and I think you’ll agree when and if you do visit someday.