Spring has finally sprung

Spring came early for many east coast cities this year but not for New England. First day of spring was March 20th, and the temperature was 41 degrees with snow. Just when I thought Spring was near, I was reminded the idiom that has to do with counting chickens… LOL.  My life here in New England isn’t that affected by the weather because I try to make the best of my situation. So I don’t think about it too much. Plus, I actually do not care for the humidity and heat of summer. I admit it is awesome to be able to hike, stroll in warm weather, golf, enjoy a day at the beach and all of that other people do in the spring and summer. Anyway, I digress! After many fronts, it looks like warmer days are closer than ever.

While I was waiting for spring to arrive, I took advantage of the sunny (cold) days by exploring new locales. After all, I cannot allow the weather to intimidate me. Nope! In that spirit, I did a few day trips and one short weekend trip. I started with a small village along the Long Island Sound, Mystic or Mystick – a name I struggle to pronouce to a local’s standards. Mystic is a quaint historical town with great food, charm and all sorts of good vibe.

Then I visited Massachusetts’ old witch town, Salem, where I learned that “Peabody” is not pronounced Pee-bod-dee; it sounds more like Pee-b-dee as if the vowel “o” is not there. If you’re familiar with New Englanders, you know their pronounciation to everything is different. I enjoyed a chillaxed brunch, long strolls around town and the beautiful view at Winter’s Island. I must say I appreciated the 50cents per hour parking in Salem.

While I waited for Spring, I visited the West where it’s always Spring. I checked out Las Vegas for the first time and maximized this trip with a quick tour of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. If I never go to Vegas again, I will be fine but the Grand Canyon is another story, I want to spend a few days there in the future. I really enjoyed the marvelous and magnificent Canyons. Men will never be able to explain the natural wonders, they will forever remain a mystery as Men continue to hypothesize what might have caused these formations. This day trip made Vegas worth it for me.


Lastly, I revisited NYC because there is plenty to discover and rediscover there. I saw the Brooklyn Bridge again and it was different this time because I noticed things I did not before. I noticed a building structure around the 9/11 Memorial fountains resembling something out of a Star Wars movie that I am certain was there the last time I visited. I rediscovered Century21, and Battery Park. I also explored streets and avenues I’ve never been on before and that was fun. No matter where I explore, I know I will enjoy myself and that’s the goal!

Cheers to more adventures!

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