Fall foliage in New England

New England is known to be very beautiful in the Fall. Since it is the second time I am experiencing this season in New England, I’ve decided to explore the region for some color over a week, one day at a time. In my quest to be filled with awe, I followed some route suggestions from other explorers and nagivated through local parts in the Hartford area, the Mohawk Trail and the Berkshire Mountains. I love a beautifully planned day trip and New England is filled with great day trip opportunities.

I had some success in some areas and not so much in others. The first stop was at the West Hartford Reservoir, then a quick stop at Heublein Tower for wonderful panoramic views of the Farmington River Valley.

West Hartford Reservoir
Heublein Tower Overlook

Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield offers amazing views of the Connecticut River Valley (notice a pattern…mountain, views, river and valleys?). My body was not prepared for the very steep hike I had to endure, however, it was very rewarding and the view at the very top was well worth the body torture.

Then I continued my journey onto the Mohawk Trail right after Mount Sugarloaf into Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Shelburne Falls is a typical New England town that is simply beautiful, quaint, and picturesque. There is so much character in Shelburne Falls, it sparks a level of curiosity that I could not entertain due to time constraints. It’s a pity that I did not schedule enough time to explore the town in its entirety, but I do see myself going back to Shelburne Falls in the Spring to see how lively, green and lush it is.

Bridge of Flowers

As I continue my journey into higher elevation on Route 2 towards New York State, I started to see where the sky and the mountains are conjoined. It was simply serene! This trip ended in Williamstown, Massachusetts with a nice dinner at Coyote Flaco.

The almost final stop of this fall foliage journey was in Norwich Connecticut to see Yantic Falls. Like most Connecticut towns, Norwich is a historic town rich with native Indians history. This waterfall is a gem, extremely beautiful with the railroad trestle creating a cool vibe. I hope to go back and catch a rainbow someday in the near future.

Finally, this journey ended at B. F. Clyde Cider Mill for some delicious cider donuts and fresh hot cider.

Though I feel like I didn’t capture the best foliage photos, I really enjoyed exploring the area. Next fall, I’ll be ready and use the foliage forecast to my advantage.